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04 February 2011 @ 09:46 pm
Gods Don't Hate: Ch. 1  
 sorry it's taken so long, i tend to forget to post to my comms. ^^;

Title: Gods Don't Hate
Chapter 1:
Rating: T/PG-13
Disclaimer: obviously i don't own HTTYD, otherwise i'd be working on the sequel.
Warning: OC, some mythology, Movie-verse only.

Summary: Hiccup was wrong, the Gods don't hate him. His father is finally proud of him, the Village is safe because of the Dragons. Now the one who always cared about him is coming back to Berk. She was touched by the Gods, a blessing for Stoic and his son.


Toothless circled the village once, barely landing in front of the Great Hall before Hiccup jumped off. "Dad, Dad wait!" he called toward the closing door.

The door stopped and Stoic stepped out, confused, "Hiccup, I thought you were training today. What's wrong?"

"Toothless and I were flying south of here," he stammered as he rushed, stumbling towards his father. "There's a strange ship, about two days out. I don't recognize the sail."

The chief instantly embodied his name. "How big is the ship? What's on the sail?"

Hiccup couldn't help cringing at his father's tone even as the villagers started gathering. "It's a warship, just one," he absently pointed over his shoulder, "There's a boar, a blue boar on the sail."

'Blue boar' was whispered through the crowd, everyone trying to figure it out, remember. Stoic's eyes went wide as it sunk in, looking over his son's head. "By the Gods… don't tell me it's over," Stoic said softly as if to himself before turning to Hiccup, laughing heartily.

Which only worried him more, "Uh, Dad?" Stoic slapped his back, knocking him forward. "Dad, what's going on?"

"Don't tell me you forgot Hiccup," he smiled as he put his arm across Hiccup's shoulders, pulling him close, "though it has been ten years. It's Freyja, my boy. She's coming back!"

Hiccup's gaze darted back and forth as he tried to remember, his jolt making the Night Fury just as jumpy. "Freyja's coming home…" he whispered as he reached out for his dragon, "just like she promised."

Toothless cooed as he rubbed his face against Hiccup's still hand. Hiccup laughed as he scratched the dragon's nose. "Come on bud," he grabbed for his saddle as the dragon stepped closer, "let's go-" Stoic caught his arm, cutting him off.

"You can't Hiccup," his smile slipped as he turned him around.

"But Dad-"

Stoic heaved a huge sigh as he stood straighter, trying to be the chief again. "There's a proper way to do this Hiccup. If you go out there now it'll look like we don't trust them. Besides, the dragons are going to scare them enough as is. We can't give them a reason to turn and go back." He let go of Hiccup's arm as he turned back to Toothless, "You need to stay away from their ship if you want her home Hiccup."

The teen closed his eyes and nodded. "What's two more days, right? I think I can survive that."

Stoic put his hand on his son's head, "I'm not sure I can." Hiccup turned, finding the same nervous excitement in his father's eyes and smiled. They nodded to each other before Stoic went back inside. Hiccup couldn't get the smile off his face as he turned to Toothless; they started walking towards the training grounds.

"Okay. So who's Freyja?" Tuffnut just stated as the crowd left, the adults chattering in excitement.

"And what's she got to do with Hiccup?" Ruffnut added as they turned to Astrid.

"I don't know, but I'm gonna find out," she stated as she turned to follow the dragon and his master.

"Askin' Hiccup won't do ya any good." Gobber said from behind, making them jump, "She was everything to him. To be honest, I'm surprised he forgot her."

Snotlout shot him a confused look, "What are you talking about, none of us can remember her either."

"Aye, but you didn't spend every waking moment with her." the smith started hobbling down the road, smirking at the look on Astrid's face. "Freyja was always takin' care of him."

"Then why wasn't she here when Hiccup was wrecking the village daily? Could have saved a few lives," Tuffnut cut in with a sneer.

Gobber smacked him upside the head. "Freyja went as a hostage to protect the village. I'd like to see you sacrifice yourself like that in a few years."

Both girls spun to Gobber in shock, "You mean she handed herself over to the enemy when she was nineteen." Astrid stated.

Ruffnut chuckled nervously, "This girl must be tough." Fishlegs nodded rapidly.

Gobber smirked as they got to his shop. "Oh Freyja's one of the toughest people I know, but not in the way you're thinkin'. Anyone that can live wit' those two for five years has to be tough." he swung his club back and forth between them all; "Freyja was one of the best healers we had. She was practically living there when Hiccup's mother got hurt, takin' care of 'em both. When Lífdís died, it fell to Freyja to take care of him, being family and all."

"What! Family?" Snotlout asked as Gobber turned around, pulling off the club.

"But Stoic doesn't have any sisters," Tuffnut added.

Gobber turned back with mallet in hand, grinning, "Who said she was Stoic's?"

The twins and Snotlout's eyes went wide as Fishlegs nodded, "It would make sense to demand a member of the chief's family as a hostage. And being a healer makes it even better for them."

Astrid turned away in embarrassment, "Better than a six year old."

"Aye, so don't do anything stupid an' start askin' questions," Gobber started throwing some blades on the hot coals. "Two days ain't much time to try an' remember years."

[===================] [===================] [===================]

Neither Haddock could focus as those two days passed so slowly. It was strange to see their chief nervous and fidgety, but the smile that just wouldn't leave his face made the villagers laugh and remember. The village hero, on the other hand, was getting all kinds of looks. Fond, happy, excited, nervous, and a lot of guilty. He was getting back the one person who never hated him, who always believed in him, and up until a year ago they were willing to go into the dragon's nest itself to get away from him. Those that knew her were scared of her wrath. Everyone under twenty could only look on in confusion, even after hearing tales of the girl blessed by the goddess she was named for, one of the few that had stood up to the chief and lived.

Stoic had to go to extremes to keep his son grounded over those days: it took six men to hold the dragon down as he took the tail fin off. Each of his friends' dragons had been locked in their old cages, the other villagers were ordered to keep their flights to a minimum. He even had to tell Gobber to keep Hiccup out of the store. Even so, both nights he found his son standing at the cliffs, the devil channeling his feelings and pacing restlessly behind him as he stared out over the waters.

He hadn't faired any better. His gaze kept slipping to the south whenever he was outside. Every time a door opened he expected her to walk through. He kept chiding himself each time his mind wandered. It's been ten years, so much had changed for them, and he had no idea what all that time could have done for her. This could be nothing more than a simple visit; she could have a family of her own back on Drye. She could have forgotten them as much as Hiccup had her. Still, he couldn't squash his hope any more than he could Hiccup's.

[===================][===================] [===================]

Stoic didn't leave the house all morning, just sat there poking at the fire until Spitelout came to tell him the boat was in plain sight. He smiled as they got to the cliff, Hiccup and Toothless waiting nervously. "Are you ready son?" he put a hand on his shoulder.

Hiccup took a deep breath and nodded as the dragon wormed its way under his arm. They both smiled as Hiccup pushed him away, chuckling as Toothless pounced toward the docks. Father and son squared their shoulders as they started down the ramp way, trying not to look at the ship in vain attempts to stay focused. The foreign vessel pulled up to the same dock she'd left on, four men stepping close to tie it off, set out the gangplank as a woman in a hooded cloak stood from her seat by the mast. She turned as one of the men picked up the chest she'd been sitting on and passed it to one of the Berk villagers. A man with black hair, just as broad and almost as tall as Stoic, stepped close and took her hand, leading her onto the dock.

Stoic froze briefly at the sight before coughing slightly, meeting them at the end of the dock. The Drye Viking tried to stand taller as he held out her hand, short braided beard moving as he stated. "People of Berk, you have kept your part of the truce. Now we, the people of Drye, shall uphold ours. Here is your healer back, Chief Stoic. May she give you just as much trouble."

That small hand slipped out of his grip and smacked him on the shoulder. "I wasn't that bad Dogmouth."

The other crewmembers laughed, making her turn to them all. "I should have let you all die," she called out, cutting off all of them.

All the younger villagers just stared in shock, everyone frozen in place, as the Dyreans got ready to set sail again. She stood there and watched as they started away, "Fleabag, don't forget to send word. I'm telling you it's a boy." One of the redheads just laughed and waved.

A soft croon made her turn back to the others, jumping fearfully at the sight of the black dragon. "Wow… so this is what a Night Fury really looks like." She murmured.

"How did you know about him?" Hiccup's voice was soft, cautious.

She giggled softly, "The whole archipelago knew within a month. When I heard it was Berk I knew it had to be my little Odin who tamed it."

Hiccup's eyes went wide at the old nickname. "Freyja?" she barely nodded once before she was in his arms, the cloak falling away.

Freyja laughed as she squeezed him tight. "Come on now, let me get a look," drawing him away, she pat his head, "Well at least you'll be taller than me." Her gaze rolled down, stopping on his foot, "Didn't hear about that though, but it looks like you're used to it. Did you make it yourself?"

"Actually Gobber did," Hiccup fidgeted a bit, before glaring at the dragon, "It took a while, no thanks to you."

Freyja only smiled as she stepped closer to Toothless, "Thanks for watching out for him." The Fury nodded before leaning forward huffing at her. She laughed and rubbed his nose, "You don't have to do it alone now."

Toothless laughed with her, both turning to Hiccup as he turned red, "Aww, come on."

She only laughed more until Stoic said, "Freyja," softly.

She smiled as she stepped in front of him and waited. His eyes took her in and he couldn't believe it; she'd barely changed. Freyja was definitely not a warrior. She was all lean muscle and curves. She barely made it to his shoulders; hers weren't as wide as his chest. He was certain he could get both hands around her waist. A living embodiment of the white-armed goddess indeed. With her so close it was obvious which side of the family Hiccup took after.

One look at her face made his eyes go wide, "Freyja, what happened?" his left hand reached out for the white streak in her dark blond hair.

"Oh that…" she turned slightly, watching her hair fall through his fingers, "well it's been so long that I'm used to it."

"How long?" Hiccup piped in as he stood beside them.

"Eight years," Turning back to Stoic, he could only stare at the now ice blue color of her right eye. "Little too close to a fireball. I can still see - colors are a little faded though - but this eye is fine," Freyja smiled as she pointed at the still midnight blue one. His gaze kept going back and forth between them.

Smirking as she stepped closer, she grabbed one of the small braids and yanked on his beard, "Missed me that much, huh?"

The whole crowd laughed as he wobbled slightly, joining in as he put his left hand on her shoulder and they all headed back into the village. They lost her again when they got there, old friends and gossips pulled her away to fill her in; the younger girls begging to hear about her time in the enemy's lands. Stoic smiled as he watched Hiccup try to follow before forcing himself to go the other way.


AN: it's a little longer than the last one, but i'm still hashing out some minor details so i had to stop. i do hope this explains a few things. it's my first time writing something without a grand evil scheme involved, so i'm kinda nervous.