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tamenightfury's Journal

A How to Train Your Dragon community
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A HTTYD community to share discussions, fanworks, anything!
Here it is, fellow dragon trainers! A fan community just for you! Here you can discuss your thoughts on How to Train Your Dragon, from the books to the recent Dreamworks picture. We accept any kind of fan related thing you've created, from art to fiction to videos.

** Keep everything to a PG-13 level. This is a child's series we're fans of, so be aware of children possibly coming across this.
** Any images must be under a cut, and any writing beyond 100 words should be under a cut as well. Don't know how to make a cut? Check out this FAQ!
** Be polite to all members. Some constructive criticism or debate is fine, but we don't want t start a war.
** Warn for spoilers. Some members could be people anticipating seeing the film or reading the books, but haven't gotten around to reading/seeing it yet. If you're having trouble figuring what is a spoiler and what isn't, think of what you wouldn't want ruined for yourself.

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(Community is still being sorted out. Please be patient, folks, I'll get the hang of this soon.)